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Saturday, November 14, 2015

SERIES: Love Letters To My Favorite People

This one is for Katharina.

I love that even if we're both busy and don't share the same circle of friends,
there's always room for a monthly coffee-and-cake or wine-and-dinner date.
You're so positively spirited, laid-back and kind-hearted - it's a joy to be around you.
From my first-ever-vacation without parents 11 years ago to my first-ever-missed-flight that one time in Amsterdam  - I've always loved going on trips with you.
 You have greatness in you and excellent taste in music.
 Thank you, for always listenting patiently to whatever random story
I need to get off my chest.
Thank you, for regularly showing up on the 10th of August.
Thank you, for never disappearing on me.
I'm certain, you have a great, big life ahead of you.
 We sang "Forever Young", we had our fingers crossed
and when the city sleeps, it dreams of us.
Yeah, it still does.
Xo, L.

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