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Monday, October 26, 2015

SERIES: Love Letters To My Favorite People

This one is for Christin.

there is a saying, that people are like cities:
We live in them, get comfortable and therefore tend to forget how beautiful they are.
So sometimes, we have to leave them, in order to learn how much we'll miss them
and remember how they live in us.
  Even though we've never truly lost touch, occaisonally I feel like it's been best and healthiest for our friendship, that in the past we grew bits apart,
before growing back together, to the way things are today.
I'm happy you're my friend, because you simply are a great one.
Because you understand my kind of bad hair day.
Because you know what it's like to be scary for no apparent reason at times.
Because you're loyal, supportive and always have my back.
Because we invented all the best drinking games together.
Because you can give honest compliments, don't sugarcoat shit
and aren't afraid to tell me things I might not always want, but need, to hear.
Because there's no room for rivalry or jealousy between us.
Because you're the mastermind.
To save your life, I'd drink up a pint of Guinness to the very last drop
or sit through an entire episode of Shopping-Queen.
(You know, those are pretty big deals for me)
And if people really are like cities, you are one,
I'll always look forward coming home to.
Xo, L.


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