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Friday, October 23, 2015

SERIES: Love Letters To My Favorite People

This one is for Gwenda.

You are the best little though-way-taller-than-me sister anyone could wish for.
Your heart is even more beautiful than your contagious smile (which is kind of hard to beat) and if you ask me, you deserve the world.
Thank you, for always being there for me, no matter how much I ever annoyed you.
You’re part of so many of my fondest memories:
We watched the sunset together at Glasgow Necropolis Cemetery.
We danced our hearts out to Frank Turners' "I am disappeared" and broke at least one toe.
We had Matt Berninger drunk-stumble upon us during a concert,
which was the only moment ever, we both fangirled and decided we could die in peace now.
I love you for your energy, your love for life, animals, adventure and a glass of good wine.
I love that you’re wise beyond your years,
yet aren’t ashamed to admit you wish mermaids existed and you were one of them.
You are a bright ray of sunshine in my life
and I would have considered myself very lucky, had I already been
as clever, compassionate and caring as you are, when I was your age.
For you, I’d always take the bullet.
I love you eternally, sissy.
Xo, L.

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