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Monday, June 29, 2015

SHORT STORIES: "Spinning Minds"

I think Everyone is a bit broken on the inside,
  whether they know the reason for it or not.

Everybody keeps on running,
  whether they have something to run from or simply don't know
 how to stand.

Everyone is frightend by silence,
  whether it is their own or the silence between one another.

Everyone gets tired from time to time.

Everyone has got their minds filled up with memories
  of feelings never told.

Everyone has got a secret love.

Everyone is seeing ghosts.

Everyone gets lost once in a while in order to be

Everyone lives for joy.
  And the simple moments, that fill you up from the inside,
 waiting to burst out and pick you up from off the ground.

Everyone is scared of falling,
  but is longing for the jump.

Everyone thinks they're the one to stay when everything else falls away.

Everyone needs a little more time for early sunrises and late sunsets.

Everyone wants to get just a little bit closer.

Everyone wants to stay awake just a little while longer,
  before the night loses its ground.

Everyone holds on to the childish hope that heroes will never die,
  and villains will always retreat.

Everyone wants to sleep in late on sundays.

Everyone needs some music, poetry and flowers in their lives.

'Cause Everyone keeps on searching for magic,
  without seeing it hiding in the small corners of everyday.

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